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The Elora Festival
and The Elora Singers

The Elora Festival and The Elora Singers


For the past 4 seasons, we have been the marketing “department” for The Elora Singers and The Elora Festival.  We provide full-stack services – traditional and digital media marketing, email marketing, social media content, database and box office support, as well as creating all concert collateral.  

Elora Festival logo
The Elora Singers logo


The Elora Singers and Elora Festival recently presented their 44th annual Festival in Elora, Ontario, 90 minutes west of Toronto.  Each year The Singers present an annual concert season from September to April and are the ensemble-in-residence for the Festival, taking place each July.  Their team consists of an Artistic Director and currently a Festival Manager, working with contractors and seasonal part-time help.  The team needed marketing support, so their then Executive Director reached out to us for help.


Initially, we were brought on to market and co-produce a series of online concerts at the start of the pandemic.  As restrictions lifted, we were then tasked with marketing their return to live performance and the launch of their newest Christmas CD, Radiant Dawn, in 2021.

There had not been consistent, branded communication with their audience in many years and their ticket system was becoming unmanageable. They had social media accounts but few followers and very little interaction.  The Executive Director was looking to make some big changes to refresh the overall brands for the Festival and The Elora Singers, grow their audience, and revamp their CMS and ticketing systems.

Solution and Implementation

Marketing Strategy

First, we built a year-round marketing strategy to identify key events and themes.  The plan included an integrated approach to email, social media, PR, advertising, donor relations, and community engagement. 


We then developed creative to establish the look and feel for each season.  These designs were then rolled out across all media platforms and outlets, and incorporated into their website, box office, and donation systems.

Key Metrics

Good marketing and strategy is a combination of inspiration and data-informed decisions.  We determined key metrics and stats to track, implemented tracking on digital campaigns, and are now able to see the effects of each of our marketing channels on ticket sales and audience

Festival, The Elora Singers Season, and Special Project Support

Working with the Artistic Director and Manager, Blue Elephant provides:

Marketing strategy and execution

Social Media marketing services across 6 accounts

(3 Festival and 3 Singers)

Design and printing of all marketing materials – posters, flyers, brochures, concert programs, signage etc.

Box office setup and reporting

Ongoing database uploads and segmenting for targeted messages

And anything else that pops up!

Media planning – traditional and digital media

Writing and deploying email campaigns, newsletters, and customer surveys

Digital event production coordination and some onsite support

Website maintenance and updating

Reporting on analytics and metrics

The End Result

The Blue Elephant team has helped The Elora Singers and the Elora Festival expand their audience reach and demographics, update their website, explore new media opportunities, and modernize their marketing approach.

One of the things we love the most about working with the Elora team is the variety of work we get to do and our true enjoyment of their music, programs, and people.  This list below is just some of what we’ve been able to do – and we’re excited what the upcoming season will bring!



Increased social media following by more than 20% (Singers)


Increased social media following by more than 27% (Festival)


Use of paid ads got concert promotion out to over 5.3M people


Established consistent visual branding

Moved marketing database from MailChimp to integrated marketing functions in new donor CMS

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Established tagging in database for easier segmentation of audiences

Created and executed yearly marketing strategies – media buy, communication plan, social strategy, and donor services support

Expanded online marketing to across Canada and into the US for digital concerts

Deployed a focused local marketing campaign with new media outlets and partnerships


Produced 70+ concert programs (they’re a busy group of artists!)

Box Office/
Ticketing Support

Worked with the Elora team through several box office iterations for their first digital broadcast concerts through to ticketing for their live concerts

Built box office functions for each season

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