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Oakville Choir
for Children and Youth

Oakville Choir for Children and Youth


Redesign of an existing website, built in WordPress using the Divi builder. The website consists of eight pages with an integrated blog and e-commerce set-up.

Oakville Choir for Children and Youth logo


The Oakville Choir for Children and Youth is an inclusive, welcoming and award-winning choral organization that provides music education and leadership training to young people aged 4-24. Consisting of seven ensembles serving over 200 choristers, the Oakville Choir is committed to offering children and youth a safe, educational, and fun environment in which to express themselves and find their voices.


As the Oakville Choir’s 30th anniversary season approached, a new logo was created and new concert uniforms were introduced. The OC website was in need of a refresh, not only to match the updated branding, but also to make it easier to find information, and convey the feeling of joy and togetherness of singing in a choir.

Solution and Implementation

Meet the Teams

As we do at the outset of any website build or redesign, this project began with a meeting between the Blue Elephant and Oakville Choir teams to discuss three key items: what they needed their website to do, what they wanted it to look like, and when they needed it to be operational.

Developing a Timeline

At the end of this meeting, both teams were assigned homework. Blue Elephant’s homework was to develop a timeline for the project. The OC’s homework was to collect copy and images, and provide guidelines for colours and fonts. We also asked them to share examples of websites they like and dislike to help us get a sense of their preferred visual aesthetic.


Our next step was to provide the OC team with two website designs for consideration, drawing inspiration from the new logo and promotional materials. Once a design was chosen, we built three sample pages (Home, About, Contact) for review. The remaining five pages to come shortly thereafter.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the redesign process, we were in regular communication with the OC team, revising pages and updating content based on their feedback. After completing the build, we turned it over to the Blue Elephant team members not involved in the project, to proofread, test links, and try to “break” the website. This is a crucial step in our quality assurance procedure!

Review and Approval

When our team was certain that nothing had been missed, the pages were sent to the OC team for final review and approval.

The End Result

The new Oakville Choir website launched in spring 2023! 


Blue Elephant was able to consolidate content that had previously been shared across multiple pages to create a streamlined and easy to navigate website representative of this vibrant organization.

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