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Tech Tips from Blue Elephant: Hashtag Time Saver

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

a woman holding a hashtag prop

Using hashtags on your social media posts is a simple (and free!) way to expand your reach and connect with others who share similar interests. But typing out all those hashtags on your phone can be a huge pain.

So if you’re like us and HATE typing out lists of hashtags on your phones, and you’re an iPhone user, try this hashtag time saver!

Step 1: Open up your Text Replacement function under Settings. You’ll want General ➡️ Keyboard ➡️ Text Replacement.

Step 2: Hit the + sign, then add all the hashtags you’d normally use.

Step 3: Create a shortcut for the list, like “Hashtags List” or “Instagram Hashtags.” If you regularly post about a variety of topics, label your shortcuts accordingly so you don’t get them mixed up. For example, “Hashtags-Baking” and “Hashtags-Sports.”

Step 4: The next time you post on social media, type in the name of your shortcut and you’ll get your list of hashtags. Voilà!


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