"Ctrl+Z is your best friend."

Cathy Landolt (rather often)

Blue Elephant Productions provides customized digital and social media marketing strategies for non-profits, solopreneurs, as well as small and medium-sized businesses who need additional resources to help meet their objectives.

We deliver creative and collaborative support, working with you to deliver outstanding brand experiences that reflect your standard of excellence.

We develop digital and social marketing plans, create communications plans, provide copywriting and design services, build and maintain websites, offer social media and website updating training....and more.


Founder, Blue Elephant Productions

Founding Collaborator, EnsembleCo

Freelance Project Management and Communications Consultant with 25+ years of experience across multiple industries and channels

Cathy brings creative, distinctive management skills to a wide range of projects and clients. She works collaboratively with existing teams to help clients deliver outstanding brand experiences.

She helps her clients transform their vision into a digital reality; leading teams through website builds/rebuilds of varying sizes and scope, and training teams to maintain and update sites using various proprietary and commercial systems (Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace). 


Cathy has an extensive background in writing for web and email, creating and executing digital and print marketing campaigns. She writes for social media campaigns, designs visual assets, and has many years of process and project implementation. She has branched out into social media coaching and auditing accounts with clients to analyze performance and optimization.

In a past life, she produced numerous events including fundraisers, conferences, convocations, networking events, concerts, experiential launches, gala dinners, and awards shows.

In November 2016, she and her partners launched EnsembleCo, a new networking and educational series of events for the next generation of decision makers.

Previously, Cathy was Vice-President of Events for the Canadian Marketing Association from 2008 – 2016, and Director of Client Services at The Royal Conservatory of Music from 1998 – 2008.

(She would also make a bad elephant.  She is allergic to peanuts.)



Content Creation Manager

Louise hasn't given Cathy an official bio yet. 


This may prove to be dangerous as Cathy is often fond of writing bios that don't always reflect the accomplishments of the subject.....shall we say....accurately.


(Louise, consider yourself warned.)


Client Account Manager

Victoria Borg is thrilled to join the Blue Elephant herd. She comes to this position after years of working in the arts as a classical singer, music teacher, and more recently, a project and program manager. In the past year she has been responsible for producing numerous digital events, workshops and fundraisers, including a 12+ hour webcast in support of music education (during which time she dazzled Cathy with her migraine-inducing colour coded spreadsheets). 


She holds a Masters of Opera and Voice from McGill University, with additional degrees from the University of Manitoba and Western University. She’s curated an impressive collection of wool socks and long johns as a result of living in so many cold and snowy cities. 


When not working, Victoria can be found cooking, gardening, reading, biking, and baking. Her strengths include copywriting, creative problem solving, and feeding people. Her weaknesses include managing her downloads folder, staying awake during movies, and ice skating. 


Client Account Manager

Sharon Tikiryan is an educator, musician, and arts administrator based in Toronto. In her youth, Sharon loved reading and writing, and dreamt of publishing novels and short stories. But she also loved music, and so she became an opera singer, and told stories through a different medium.  


As much as she loved performing, Sharon also loved teaching, and determined early on that music education would play a central role in her professional life. She has worked as a voice, piano, and guitar instructor for nearly two decades (and counting!), and most recently as a youth program manager for a national music education advocacy organization. She is passionate about working with children and youth, and advocating for public policy that supports equitable, inclusive, and accessible music education for all. 


Sharon recently completed her studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (Master of Education).

(We have decided that Sharon doesn't sleep.)


In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching tv shows, baking, watching tv shows about baking, making playlists, and using her extensive collection of mugs to drink her even more extensive collection of tea. 



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